CancerBridge Can Help

When someone receives a diagnosis of cancer, often there is fear, uncertainty and a need for specific direction that overrules everything else happening at that time. CancerBridge is a cancer information-focused navigation service that provides you with personalized access to cancer experts who may be able to answer general questions you have about cancer and its treatment. 

When you call CancerBridge, you will connect with an oncology nurse, who may also bring into the conversation a physician who specializes in the type of cancer diagnosed, if needed. CancerBridge is not a physician referral services and does not provide medical advice or medical consultations, but it provides immediate, informative guidance at a time of uncertainty.

Here are some questions and answers about CancerBridge.

Who has access to CancerBridge?

All  AEP retirees and their immediate family members have access to CancerBridge.

Who should make the initial call?

The initial call must be placed by the retiree who will need to have his or her ID available.

What is the CancerBridge phone number?

To connect with CancerBridge at no cost to you, call 1-855-366-7700 between 8 am and 5 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Who is eligible besides the AEP retiree?

Immediate family members include:

* Retiree's spouse

* Retiree's father or stepfather

* Retiree's mother or stepmother

* Mother of the retiree's spouse

* Father of the retiree's spouse

* Retiree's brother

* Retiree's sister

* Child of the retiree or of the retiree's spouse (regardless of residence or age); a natural child, adopted child, or foster child, or such other child for whom the employee has (or had) been appointed legal guardian or for whom the retiree is acting as a guardian

* Other family members of the retiree or of the retiree's spouse or domestic partner who are residing with the retiree

You can also watch this webinar brought to you by CancerBridge that debunks myths about cancer and builds understanding of terminology, research, clinical lingo, and the overall cancer experience.